About Us

Our vision statement, mission statement and goals are a concise telling of who we believe God wants us to be as Lexington Presbyterian Church.


Lexington Presbyterian Church seeks to be
a worshiping community captivated
by the Father’s love in Christ,
delightedly honoring him in all of life,
advancing his kingdom
by Spirit-empowered
deeds and words.


Live in the PEACE of Christ.

Take your PLACE in the church and world.

Go in the POWER of the Holy Spirit.

2015/2016 Goals

  1. Each person be able to communicate a brief gospel outline and a 3 minute testimony.
  2. Each person be in a group(s) that includes burden bearing, prayer, Scripture, worship, and welcoming others.
  3. Each person pursue a biblically defined, loving friendship with one person who doesn’t follow Christ.


Lexington Presbyterian Church is a congregation of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).