Adult Groups

Our Groups are structured to help people connect and form those relationships of sacrifice and love we hear so much about in the Bible.

Getting Involved

We see geography and stage of life as helpful categories in recruiting people into this ministry. If you are already in a small group, great! Keep going to that ministry.

If you are looking for deeper community, let us help you find an existing Group to be a part of.  Don’t stress if you get more than one invitation. LPC is simply trying to provide options to best ensure your participation.

To download the ADULT GROUPS BROCHURE, click HERE.

Shepherding Elders

Elders will have an important role in our Groups. Elders may not lead or facilitate every group, but there will be an elder associated with every group.

Now, go explore your options! Contact the leaders of the small groups you want to know more about and then try it out.

For more information contact us at