Christian Education


Our church places a high priority on educating our flock in the scriptures and training them in living out the Gospel. Our primary program in educating our folks are the Sunday morning classes but we also have small groups, special training events and discipleship programs. We also encourage people to check out our booktable (located at the top of Tomlin lobby stairs). Audio and video tapes are available for checkout in Cameron Kirker's office. For a wider range of books, check out the church library.

If you have any Christian Education questions or comments, contact our Assistant Pastor, Dave Bindewald, and for questions about small groups, contact our Assistant Pastor, Cameron Kirker,

For a list of classes throughout the week, download the 2017 Spring/Winter Activities Brochure HERE.

Spring/Winter 2017 Sunday Christian Education Classes are as follows:

SUNDAYS, 9:30-10:30 AM

Location: CE Room 204
Theme: Walking with God in the Details of Life. Sometimes it’s easy to talk about the gospel, but it can be harder to understand how the gospel applies to the details of our lives. This class will explore what it means to walk with God in different areas of our lives, to include: My search for meaning and purpose, my vocation, my family, my public life, the church, pain and suffering, and through the range of my emotions.
Led by: Andrew Clark, Jason Waters, Kelvin Rogers and Chris Byrd.

Christ in Culture
Location: Tomlin Hall
Theme: "The Christian Life". This book can best be described as "applied theology for living." We will discuss the doctrines of the Reformed Faith through studying the scriptures with an emphasis on applying them to our daily lives. If you are new to the Reformed Faith, or just want to refresh your knowledge of Reformed doctrines, come join us as we encourage one another!
Led by: Keith Boland.

Christ in the Home
Location: CE Room 201
Theme: Study of Hebrews and the supremacy of Christ as the fulfillment of what the Old Testament foreshadowed.
Led by: Mark Dumais and David Harrell.

Christ in the Word
Location: Parlor
Theme: Continued study of the 1st Generation Church. We will consider the early church’s efforts as it expanded beyond Jerusalem. In particular, we will focus our attention on the geographical spread of the Gospel from Jerusalem to Judea and Samaria (Acts 8 and 9), to the Gentiles and to the ends of the earth (Acts 10-28). Open to everyone of all ages.
Led by Ed Alexander, Tom Mason, and Doug Reedy.

Ladies Class
Location: CE Room 202
Theme: Book of Acts
Led by: Rhonda Moody, Marion Merry, Nancy Schabacker, Ruth Adam, and Carol Kirker.

Ladies Class 2.0
Location: CE Room 215
Theme: Continue study of "Overcoming Fear, Worry, and Anxiety," then begin a study on "Understanding and Ministering Through Spiritual Gifts”. All ladies welcome!
Led by: Shirley Jaramillo and Alyce Player.

Inquirers Class
Dates will be announced.
Location: CE Room 213
Theme: LPC’s doctrine, vision, mission, ministry and government, and how you might be involved.
Led by Rev. Chuck Parker.

Do not hesitate to contact the pastors with feedback on how we can serve you better.