Elders & Deacons

Elders (The Session)

We are governed by a council of officers
called 'elders' or 'presbyters' (hence the name, presbyterian). The local council of a congregation is often refered to as 'The Session' (from the Latin word meaning "to sit").


The scripture also teaches that men should be called to care for the practical needs of those in the church. This ministry of service and care is given to the deacons.


Teaching Elders:

Chuck Parker (Senior Pastor)
Cameron Kirker (Assistant Pastor)
Dave Bindewald (Assistant Pastor)

Ruling Elders:

Keith Boland
Chris Byrd
Bob Carroll
Dave Denney
Mark Dumais
Paul Graham
Bob Howell
Tom Mason
Scott McGuire
Joseph Melchers
Fred Motley
John Parler
Kelvin Rogers
Bill Warren
Joe Wright

Elders Emeritus

John Farmer
Steve Gamble
Bill Maxim
Neil McLeod
R. W. McCormick
Larry Moody


Steve Baarendse
Bob Hooper
Jimmie Player
Doug Reedy


Ted Brewer
Paul Caldwell
Graem Clark
Marty Crean
Charles Drafts
Patrick Hinds
Steven Jackson
Mark Jaramillo
Jim McFarland
Russell McFarland
Jason Waters