Lexington Presbyterian Church (LPC) is located in the midlands of South Carolina.  Historically a small agricultural town that also served as a bedroom community to the state’s capitol, Lexington has experienced tremendous growth over the last 40 years.   Lexington is a thriving, family-oriented community with strong schools and a growing economy.

LPC has been present for much of that growth, transitioning from a small church plant to a solid church of 400 – 500 members.  A full history of the church can be found here.


Ministry Director

At this time LPC is seeking a critical ministry position that will help the church grow in its disciple making capacity.  The Ministry Director position will work very closely with the senior pastor to oversee and lead the operational and disciple-making ministries of the church.  The position will provide opportunities for teaching in different settings, but an emphasis will be placed on operational excellence, group oversight, and leadership development.  You can see the approved job description here. The following characteristics will be required for the person ultimately selected for the position:

  • Ability to teach; strong theological understanding
  • Ability to articulate a clear philosophy of ministry
  • Ability to lead ministry staff and professional/administrative staff
  • Experience and skill with leadership development
  • Excellent communication skills, both orally and in writing
  • Experience with strategic planning
  • Understanding of financial management and budgeting issues
  • Understanding of HR and organizational issues
  • Ability to develop a strong connection with the senior pastor
  • Demonstrated capacity for both leadership (leading people/leading change) and management (overseeing the execution of tasks to accomplish the priorities of the church)

If this sounds like an opportunity that closely aligns with your background, experience, gifts, and interests, please submit a cover letter, current resume, and a one-page summary of your philosophy of ministry to ministrydirectorsearch@lexingtonpca.org.  The search will continue over the summer, but applications received before July 21, 2017 will be assured to receive full consideration.


Assistant Youth director

The purpose of this position is to assist the Director of Youth & Family Ministry in personally evangelizing and discipling female middle school and high school students and to oversee discipleship to female students.

You can see the approved job description here. The following characteristics will be required for the person ultimately selected for the position:


  • Have a genuine love for students and the ability to relate to girls from 6th to 12th grade.
  • Have an understanding of youth culture.
  • Have the knowledge and ability to help organize and implement strategy for ministry.
  • Possess some experience in student ministry.
  • The candidate for this position should be a female.


  • Part-time position— 25 hours per week.
  • Requires evening and weekend work and occasional travel.

Please contact Taylor Gordon (tgordon@lexingtonpca.org) with questions or applications. To apply, please submit your resumé with a 1-page philosophy of ministry.



This job primarily involves managing room set up worker(s) and monitoring repair & maintenance needs, sometimes actually doing jobs but also hiring out bigger ones. Will need to discern and decide which is needed, depending on skill set and time available that particular week.

1. Twenty hours per week (no benefits), salary commensurate with experience and skill level. Reports to Assistant Pastor and interfaces with Administrative Secretary.

2. Oversee maintenance and repair of facilities. Coordinate hiring out of larger repair projects; some repair work according to skill and time (such as replacing bulbs and ballasts, faucet repair, spot cleaning, vehicle maintenance). Manage property request forms.

3. Manage room set-up worker and schedule.

4. Coordinate ongoing contracted services (lawn care, cleaning crew, fire alarm company, HVAC, elevator inspection company, fire marshall).

5. Be available to interface with representatives for special events (weddings, funerals, concerts, recitals).

6. Coordinate with Deacon Property Chair and a volunteer who gives one day a week of his time.

7. Set and maintain thermostat scheduling.

8. When possible, attend Tuesday morning staff meeting (9:00 a.m.) to coordinate with schedules and event planning.

Please send resume to lexpres@lexpreschurch.com