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Facility Update for Making Disciples

Titlesign_small VISION

Jesus said, “Go and make disciples of all nations.”  He has placed Lexington Presbyterian Church in this place at this time for the purpose of being and making disciples.  We want to know more fully the joy of being reconciled to God through Christ, honoring him in all aspects of life.  We want our neighbors and work associates to walk in the same joyful purpose.  Lexington County grew by 24,000 residents between 2010 and 2016!  What an opportunity for our church to be partners with Jesus in discipling the nations.

How will we go about this?  We will worship, love, and serve.

We gather in corporate worship week by week, inviting others to be with us.  There the Scriptures call us to gospel centered praise, confession, sacraments, giving and hearing God’s Word.  In smaller groups we grow in love for one another and our neighbors.  Then either in groups or individually, we intentionally serve Christ by serving the church and the world around us.

Thankfully God has provided adequate and beautiful facilities for this calling. Yet it is time for updates to our campus so that we can effectively welcome others and pursue making disciples.  Please prayerfully consider your part in the building renovations which the elders and deacons are proposing.

What an adventure!  Jesus calls us to be on mission with him so that the greater Lexington area might join us as joyful followers of Christ, experiencing his life now and forever.

For more information, please CLICK HERE to download the complete PDF brochure.


Welcome Center Sign_small As far back as 2002 professional consultants saw the need for a “front door” to our facilities.  This input was part of an overall evaluation of mission and ministry.   Recently we took small steps toward a centralized point of welcome through parking, signage and coffee location.  The welcome center/atrium represents the structural expression of our desire for a front door, in other words a focal point for welcome. This momentum led us to consider the narthex and sanctuary which have not had a significant update since their construction in 1990.

Pew Sign_small Our desire is to see the welcome center, narthex and sanctuary unified aesthetically and functionally.   Stephen Ford, a professional interior designer from Columbia, consulted with a group of members from our church on a sanctuary/narthex update.  His recommendations include specific components for welcome. For example, the narthex tile will have a directional pattern which leads newcomers to the sanctuary.  Design 2020, a sound and light consulting group which specializes in traditional worship spaces, evaluated our sanctuary and also made recommendations.  The renovations will involve closing in the breezeway but the rest of the changes will be non- structural.  You will see new flooring, paint, light fixtures, furniture and speakers. The ceiling will be repaired and the speaker cage removed.  There will be professionally designed lighting and the updated screen will be visible from the transepts. Much of this work is needed maintenance.


Sanctuary Sign_small As you pray about your involvement in this capital campaign, please consider the following:

Am I daily accepting the gospel? Do you acknowledge and confess to God each day that your sins grieve God, and also thank him that he paid for your sins by dying on a cross, and then showered you with the free gifts of forgiveness, eternal life, and the indwelling Holy Spirit?

How am I doing personally as a disciple of Christ? While joyfully acknowledging that we are saved by grace through a work of the Spirit, how is the gospel taking root in your life?  Are you regularly participating in our corporate worship?  Are you involved in a group where people can know and love you on a deeper level and can encourage you with the word of God and prayer?  Are you involved in a place of service where you can joyfully use your gifts to build the kingdom?

How is my heart toward making disciples? Are you praying regularly for people in your work, school, or neighborhood to come to know Christ?  Are you spending time in God’s word and seeking to share the good news you have received with others?

Narthex Sign_small How is my heart toward the capital campaign for the facility updates? Do you see your income and assets as belonging to God?  Are you a joyful giver to the Lord?  Will you pray and ask God to lead you in an additional level of giving to support LPC’s mission of making disciples? If you are financially unable to give more, will you pray for the campaign?

If you are giving a gift or making a pledge, please fill out a pledge card and return it to LPC. Pledge cards are availalbe from the church office and in the LPC narthex.


For more information, please CLICK HERE to download the complete PDF brochure.